Joseph Fernandez

Joseph Fernandez is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Articles by Joseph Fernandez:

Nightmare in Nam – On Halloween Night 1968 Lt. Col Rogers Fought to Save Fire Base Rita

Ghouls and goblins run through the streets of America every Halloween. On October 31, 1968, they ran through the jungles of Vietnam. Many of the…

John Ripley Faced Enemy Fire for Three Hours to Stop the North Vietnamese Advance

South Vietnamese Marines wading through mud toward a US Navy Patrol Craft, Fast (PCF) + Military portrait of John Ripley

Đông Hà, the northernmost city in South Vietnam, was once bustling with military activity. Home of the 4th Marine Division and a major helicopter base,…

A Marine Corps Legacy that Began at the Battle of Puerto Plata

The small American sloop, bedraggled and battered by wind, weather, and sun, made its way slowly towards the harbor as the sun rose above the…