World War II TV Drama for Anna Friel

Anna FrielEnglish actress Anna Friel will be starring in an upcoming Second World War TV drama series entitled The Heavy Water with a plot that plays similarly along Boyle’s forthcoming film Telemark.

Both will be about the role Norway played in WWII with The Heavy Water concentrating on a raid which happened in 1943 on a Norwegian factory to halt heavy water production which could have been used for the making of Hitler’s atomic bomb.

As one news site puts it, Miss Friel has joined the series’ cast under the direction of Norway’s Perolav Sorensen. Norwegian actors Espen Kloumann Hoiner and Dennis Storhoi as well as German artist Christoph Bach along with Pip Torrens are part of the cast with her.

Nordisk Film and TV Fond has awarded the said TV series NOK 3 million as production support. the series’ script was written by Petter Rusendlund.

It is the first TV drama by film tycoon John M. Jacobsen and co-produced by Sebastio Film of Denmark and Headline Pictures of UK alongside NRK and SF Film.

Filming for the said drama will start in Prague on October 28 and will be moving on to Norway after Christmas.

– The Yahoo! TV and Nordisk Film and TV Fond report


Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE