PRESS RELEASE: BHTV finished filming on new Operation Market Garden series.


BHTV finished filming on new Operation Market Garden series.  Battlefield History TV have announced that after 2 years of filming on location, they have now completed the filming of the main 7 episodes in their Operation Market Garden series. The series follows the fortunes of the Allied Airborne Corps and XXX Br Corps in their epic but sadly abortive struggle to seize the major river crossings in Holland and thus allow the Allies to bring the war to a more swift conclusion.

At almost 700 minutes long, this series of programmes are the most detailed series of films ever made about the operation at Arnhem, as well as BHTV’s largest project to date.  The first 4 of the DVDs are already available to order, with the final 3 parts due for release in 2013.

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