10 futuristic Weapons That Could Change Warfare

Editor’s notice: this has been debunked as one of the urban myths of WWII
Warfare has changed beyond recognition due to advancements in technology. Conflicts can now be fought from thousands of miles away without troops on the ground. Many of the techniques used today are almost like science fiction, here are a few of the ways in which the world’s military capabilities are pushing science to the limit.

Centrifugal gun


This has been developed to move the world on from the traditional method of placing explosives into a tube and out into the air at a target. Centrifugal powered guns have been developed, similar to machine guns except that they use centrifugal force and can emit more than 100,000 rounds each second.

Cyborg insects


Insects are set to be the new animal on the battlefield. Electrics are placed into the insects’ bodies and radio waves are sent to control them. The bugs can be armed with surveillance technology to assess battlefields and target locations.

Drone-blasting lasers


This is a laser beam that has been converted into a weapon. It uses light to identify the target and marking for ammunition. Laser technology is improving all the time and eventually it is thought will be able to target enemy drones.

Liquid metal missiles


Each of these missiles has a magnetic force that turns the weapon head into a spear cutting through anything it hits.

Neuromorphic drones


These are light aircraft driven by neuromorphic chips that mimic the human brain. They are able to identify and can areas, and compare them to other places they have been to.

Plasma forcefields


Being tested for tank warfare, the plasma is a shield that can protect the vehicles from explosions. It uses electricity and lasers that absorb the energy emitted from the explosions.

Powered exoskeletons

A fully armed human shield that can be worn by soldiers in the field is being developed and set to become a reality.

Quantum camouflage


This is an advanced technological camouflage system that will change light rays to go around the object or vehicle, which means that someone looking at it can’t see it.

Thunder generator

It has already been used by Israel’s military for a few years now as a deterrent weapon and was originally used to scare birds away from crops. It fires shockwaves into the air and is a force strong enough to knock targets back and deafen people who are 100 feet away, but it doesn’t kill unless the target is 10 feet near to the generator, the Geek reports.

Tracking bullets

With the rifle intentionally aimed to the right of the marked target, the bullet can be seen veering in trajectory, altering its path to strike accurately over an undisclosed distance

these are being developed so that a bullet can change direction whilst in mid-air. They have in-built computer systems that can manouever fins on the bullet that can make it change direction particularly useful when aiming for a moving target.

Zombie guns

Reports from Russia suggest that a gun is being developed that can turn human brains into zombies. It uses low-frequency radiation, but at this stage isn’t transportable or ready for the battlefield.