Valentine tank from World War II found in Polish Warta river

Joris Nieuwint

On Thursday, in the backwaters of the river Warta Valentine a tank was recovered from the Second World War. This is the first tank of it’s kind in Poland and the only one in the world who took part in combat actions! Valentine managed the mining action Jacek Kopczynski of Lodz – a collector of vintage and military vehicles, one of the fathers of Veteran Vehicles Bazaar in. Jacek Kopczynski said on Wednesday that if you manage to get the Valentine it will be a sensation in the world. It’s the first tank of this type found in Poland.`

(translated from Polish by Google Translate)

Janusz Zbit, an expert on military present on the spot said that in Poland there is not one such machine. Once I found the remains of Valentine in Bydgoszcz, but it was weight, nothing more. This is well preserved. On the two or three years could drive reconstruction. In the world are reportedly three preserved, but this would be the only one involved in combat actions. Valentine To remove the tank divers using pressurized water blowdown wreck. An initial inspection of the wreckage Valentine indicate that surprisingly good condition. Tank Valentine lay in Warta since January 1945, when during the war broke through the ice. The Red Army received from the Allies about 2000 tanks Valentine. In the world to date only three such machines are known, which can be seen in museums. None, however, did not participate in the fighting. Tank of the Warta is so unique in the world.

Source and more pictures (in Polish):,czolg-valentine-z-czasow-ii-wojny-swiatowej-zostal-wydobyty,3720037,id,t,zid.html#galeria

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