Three U Boats missing until 1985 when found in the Elbe U-boat bunker in Hamburg



The British came and blew up the bunker and the roof partially collapsed, trapping the boats. Someone made an attempt to scrap them in the ’40s-’50s, but it was too dangerous, so they stayed somewhat intact until the ’90s. The German govt. finally filled the bunker with gravel and concrete and buried the boats, then turned the area into aparking lot. Thank God a bunch of those XXIs didn’t get loose during the war. It may have prolonged the slaughter until the atomic bomb could have been brought to bear against Germany. They managed to get one on combat patrol right at the end, but were ordered to stop hostilities and they never launched an attack.

These boats were virtually missing until 1985 when the boats were discovered through research by Jak P Mallmann-Showell, Wolfgang Hirschfeld and Walter Cloots in the mostly demolished Elbe II U-boat bunker in Hamburg.  The Elbe II bunker is located on the southern bank of the Elbe river at the Vulkanhafen. This area is within the Freeport of Hamburg and to access it you should have to present your passport.Read more: Secret Weapons


German submarine pens in World War II


Among the first forms of protection for submarines were some open-sided shelters with partial wooden foundations that were constructed during the first World War. These structures were built at the time when bombs were light enough to be dropped by hand from the cockpit. By the 1940s, the quality of aerial weapons and the means to deliver them had improved markedly…

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