New HBO series on Mighty Eighth Air Force cost 500 Million dollars!


More lights, camera, and action slated for the Coastal Empire.  Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg confirm the production of a 10 hour HBO series on the Mighty Eighth Air Force.   Look inside the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Pooler and behind the military history are countless stories of bravery, courage, and a brotherhood that runs through their veins.

And now the entire country will experience them as well.  The HBO series will highlight the Mighty 8th Air Force and its crucial role in World War Two. It’s reportedly going to be the most expensive production in the history of television costing 500 million dollars. It’s based on a book written by Don Miller who did research at the National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force. Much of the filming will take place in Germany and England, but a fair amount is planned here. Museum President and CEO Henry Skipper is thrilled with the recognition.


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