Adolf Hitler Planned To Destroy The Manhattan Skyscrapers During WWII – Years Before Osama Bin Laden


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The Fuhrer not just wish for world domination. He was specifically obsessed with the vision of the destruction of America’s city, New York.

Adolf Hitler concocted the recipe for an apocalypse in New York where skyscrapers are lit with fiery fire, buildings are reduced to ruins and people are running amidst the chaos. He desired so badly to see the collapse of America’s Big Apple and to crush the star-spangled nation whose democracy and capitalistic system make his blood boil.

The apocalyptic images provoked by the mind of the madman has the same horrific signature as that of Osama bin Laden’s 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. However, 56 years before the horrific episode, an different mad man dreamed of the same doomsday to befall on New York. It was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s target of spite was many miles from his grasps in the comforts of his dictates. Yet, he rallied his scientists and engineers to seek all means for his wicked schemes to materialize.

They planned to employ suicide planes that would unleash destruction and death into the heart of Manhattan.

While the Al Qaeda succeeded, they failed, but they pursued the idea with appalling passion possessed by the vision of mass devastation.

For years, Hitler pretended to make friend of a potential foe, the United States. He tried his best not to spark any unwanted dispute with the country almost 4,000 miles from Berlin to keep them from interfering with his rule in Europe.

And for years, his army marched uninterrupted and the Luftwaffe that rained down bombs and fire all over the continent flew without American obstruction. He even went out of his way to publicly announce that the horrors and havoc the Nazis wreak would remain within the demarcations of Europe and would not spill into transatlantic territories and Germany has no animosity towards the U.S.

Privately, however, he cursed the American system of democracy and the freedoms the Americans enjoy. He was apparently in opposition to the acceptance and cohabitation of mixed races. He shared his disgust over the Jewish bankers that litter all over America. He expressed his desire to see, one day, the country tremble before him.

He was convinced to make his rule in Western Europe and then  to crush the opposing Soviet Union. And he prepared for the inevitable clash between the only two super powers that would be left once he saw through his goal east of the Atlantic.

As early as 1937, Hitler has been gearing up to challenge the might of the U.S. Willy Messerschmitt, one of Hitler’s top aircraft designer, revealed a blueprint before the Fuhrer of a massive long-ranged bomber that he was developing in his factory in Augsburg, southern Germany.

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