Tiger 1 for sale! (image heavy).


Would you want to buy a Tiger? Or a replica, anyway. Here’s your chance! These gentlemen have made a replica and are selling it for “meager” sum of 380k Euros. The vehicle is powered by a Russian YaMZ-238 240hp engine (alternatively, a more powerful V-2 can be built in), has a working electrically-driven turret and comes with spare part. The gun can fire pyrotechnics to simulate real gunfire. It took 9 months to build.

OK so it was built in a shed for the movie “White Tiger” but by the looks of it, they have done an amazing job. Have a look at the images below and at the end you can see a video of it in action.



handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_01 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_02 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_03 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_04 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_05 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_06 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_07 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_09 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_10 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_11 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_12 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_13 handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_14