17 Images of Damaged B-17 Bombers That Miraculously Made It Home


B-17 damaged in collision with Fw190 in head-on attack [via]

Waist gunner killed, ball turret gunner killed, radio operator blown out of the airplane completely, but this Fort still managed to get home and land without cracking in half. [via]
401st Bomb Group B-17G Belly Landed in England, October 29th, 1944.

B-17 91 Bomb Group 324 Bomb Squadron with heavy flak damage [via]
The “Belle of Liberty” Lockheed/Vega B-17G-15-VE s/n 42-97479 327th BS, 92nd BG, US 8th AF. Damaged on the 6th of March 1944 mission to bomb the ball-bearing plant at Erkner, in the outskirts of Berlin. This aircraft was repaired and went back into service. [via]
This B-17 took a direct flak hit in the waist over Debrecen, Hungary, which killed three crewmen and wounded two others. Threatening to come apart in mid-air the pilot nursed it home to a safe landing, but the weakened fuselage collapsed on touchdown. [via]

The only information that came with this photograph was B-17F – 97 Bomb group


This B-17G-75-BO (s/n 43-38071) landed at Brustem Airfield in Belgium on March 17, 1945, after a mid-air collision with another B-17G (s/n 43-38046). Both aircraft were from the 490th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. This plane took off with its standard crew of 10 but landed with 11 aboard…one dead. The body of radio operator (Sgt. George Devlin) from the other B-17 was somehow thrown into the nose of this aircraft during the collision. [Via / Via]
A ground-launched rocket missile caused this damage to 388BG’s “Panhandle” during an attack on a V-weapon site, June 15, 1944. The missile struck number 3 engine, ricocheted into the fuselage and exploded, leaving Sgt Biggs, the top turret gunner, with nasty burns. Despite extensive damage to various control lines, Lt McFarlane brought the bomber down safely at Manston.[Via]