Achtung Panzer! 30 panzer wrecks & some you wouldn’t have seen before!!!


The Greatest Tank of WWII was the Tiger I??

Maybe the best KNOWN overall, and the most notorious, but far from the greatest. This tank was designed as a 30-ton tank (later upgraded to 45 tons) but still came in between 56  and 62 tons; it was underpowered and poorly suited for any kind of mobility battle. Tanks are weapons of the offensive; this tank was not equipped for that type of warfare (remember Blitzkrieg?), nor was it well suited for “cornfield meets” at 500 meters or less.


Panzer IV knocked out in the Falaise Pocket


Jagdpanther 91d1aa7404db39dacaeddfc8c5b62fde

Elefant after being hit by a 152-mm shell


Fantastic picture of 3 panzers in a bomb damaged repair shop. What’s really interesting with this picture is the range of vehicles. In the background there is a Panther in the middle is a late version of the panzer IV with extra armor fitted around the turret. In the foreground there is a panzer III bbc9994e93ad5e2104fbdcdc2f58aaf8

This Ferdinand was destroyed on 15 July 1943 in Kursk c35b60780aba5e5d94b673195a020923

Knocked out Pantherdd24daccf01c909f426772d56514b0f4

German Elefant tank destroyer in the streets of Naples ffd2339cf0ce934c6ab95eb82cdbef32Jagdpanther SdKfz 173 – Canadian soldiers inspect a German Jagdpanther, artillery 61st anti-tank Regiment Royal Canadian Army in the Reichswald on 14th March 1945. The Jagdpanther (hunting panther) was a tank destroyer built by Nazi Germany during World War II based on the chassis of the Panther tank.