Top Ten Underrated Military TV Shows


While set in 1945 after WWII, this series took an interesting look at how the war affected both the soldiers and the folks at home.

When the men do or don’t arrive home, the women leave the factories, and foreign brides arrive pregnant and widowed, what happens? The show explored how relationships begun before the war changed, how people changed, and what was done in the early days of recovering from the war.

The show only ran for two seasons, from 1991-1993 even with critical acclaim and many adoring fans.

Land Girls

Land Girls followed the drama of a group of fictionalized members of Britain’s Women’s Land Army, a real life civilian organization formed by the Board of Agriculture to take over farming abandoned when the soldiers went to war. At first, the women were volunteers, but later their ranks were supplemented by drafting.

The Land Girls of the television series all come from varying backgrounds and end up working on the estate of the Lord and Lady Hoxley. All parties must adjust to not only the war itself but the new social dynamic in which they find themselves.

The series aired from 2009 -2011 on BBC One in the daytime lineup, winning several awards.

Bomb Girls

This Canadian series tells the story of women working in the munitions plants of Canada during WWII. From women who really needed the money to girls working as their contribution to the war effort, the series shows how these women were affected by the war, what it was really like to work under dangerous conditions, and how the country at large dealt with cultural change.

Beginning in 2012, the show ran for two seasons ending in 2013. The fans of the show as it aired and those gained through Netflix and other means are still petitioning for its renewal, touting its awards and acclaim as reasons to bring it back.

Foyle’s War

Running for a good long while in Britain, from 2002-2015, Foyle’s War is still not well known in the U.S. It centers on the investigations of a British detective trying to control the chaos of WWII era Brits that are committing crimes amidst the confusion.

Due to its long run, the series could not stretch out a historical war and so in later episodes, Foyle works with Mi5.

Turn: Washington’s Spies

Military buffs and lovers of quality television should tune in now to ensure that ratings bolster the future of this Revolutionary period drama.

This show, based on the book by Alexander Rose, is about friends living in New York state that form the Culper Ring, a group of spies that assist General Washington.

Though the series takes liberties with historical fact at times, it had support as entertainment and was given an award by the Daughters of the American Revolution.