10 Interesting Facts About Richard Nixon


5. Held a Dinner For the Final POW’S

Following the return of the last POW’s to leave Vietnam, Richard Nixon hosted a dinner for them at the White House. This was the largest dinner ever held at the White House, and included famous celebrities like John Wayne. The dinner was held on the White House’s South Lawn.

6. “Leader” of a Huge Re-election Scandal

June of 1972 is regarded as the beginning of the end for Nixon as a President. On June 17, 1972, peoples related to his election campaign broke in to the Watergate building (the Democratic Party’s headquarters) in Washington D.C. and were caught tapping phone lines, and stealing secret documents, among other things. It’s not known if President Nixon knew that it was going to happen prior to the event, but it is known he tried to cover the scandal up after the fact. He provided the burglars with money to stay quiet, fired staff members and even burned documents. While Nixon would get impeached, he would later be pardoned by his successor, President Gerald Ford.

Richard Nixon Leaving the White House For the Final Time ... photo via Wikipedia
Richard Nixon Leaving the White House For the Final Time as President… photo via Wikipedia

7. Only U.S. President to Resign

Richard Nixon is the only U.S. President to resign from the position. The Watergate Scandal was coming down on Nixon, and it appeared he would be impeached soon. So in August of 1974, Nixon stepped down after nearly six years as President.

8.  Lost His High School Presidential Race

While Nixon did lose his first run at Presidency, to John F. Kennedy, he managed to win his next two races for the President of the United States. But things were different for him on the election trail while growing up. In eighth grade, Nixon was elected President of his class. But just four years later, as a senior, he would go on to lose the race as President of his high school’s student body.

9. Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year”

In 1971, and in 1972, Time gave him the honor of being “Man of the Year.” This was due in large part to Nixon’s efforts in getting China into the United Nations, as well as attempting to get the United States and the Chinese government on better terms. He is the first U.S. President to have visited China.

President Nixon was no stranger to the Time Magazine cover; he appeared on the cover a total of 55 times.

10. Lee Harvey Oswald May Have Been After Nixon

The story begins post-Kennedy assassination. The Warren Commission (the group investigating JFK’s assassination) interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife, who said that in April of 1963, Oswald was reading the paper and said to her “Nixon is coming. I want to go and have a look.” At that moment, he was tucking a gun in to his pants. His wife then locked him in a bathroom and talked him down.

John F. Kennedy would be assassinated seven months later on November 22nd, 1963. Both Nixon and Kennedy were in Dallas that morning, however, Nixon left to go back to New York City before Kennedy’s motorcade went through Dallas. While it’s not known if any of this is linked together, it is known that Nixon was not visiting Dallas at that time, in April of 1963, and the newspaper had no mention of any future planned visits.