Did Hitler Escape From Germany? – A Look At Conspiracy Theories


It is 1945, and the end of WWII is near. Adolf Hitler is in his bunker alongside his wife, Eva Braun, on April 30th, 1945. On this day, Hitler and his wife commit suicide after realizing Germany is going to lose the war. This is what the history books tell us. However, there are people who believe the history books are wrong – that Hitler and his wife may have fled the scene to South America, or possibly Spain.

A conspiracy theory is an idea that explains an event or a plot kept secret from the public, by someone with power, or perhaps by a government agency.

The bunker that Hitler spent his final days at... via Wikipedia
The bunker where Hitler spent his final days. Via Wikipedia

Adolf Hitler’s death was riddled with conspiracy theories from day one. Just a few months after his death, the Soviet Union was promoting that he was still alive and had fled to a safe haven.  Many conspiracy theories have developed over the years, from the Soviet Union’s misinformation to a book that was recently published that states Hitler lived until the 1980s. This theory is perhaps the most ‘famous’ as it was in the news only a few years ago.

Conspiracies around Hitler’s death ran rampant as Hitler and his wife’s bodies were never publicly shown, meaning visually, there was no proof. Here’s a look at some of the popular conspiracies surrounding Adolf Hitler’s death.

He Escaped to Brazil

Conspiracy theories don’t usually garner a lot of international headlines, but this one has been different. A book released in the last few years titled Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death, makes the claim that Hitler fled Germany and spent the rest of his days in Brazil.  The book makes the claim that Hitler fled to Paraguay and then moved to Brazil where he lived in Mato Grosso, and went by the name Adolf Leipzig.

It is stated that he chose this name because that is where his favorite composer, Bach, was born.  According to the book, he would have lived to be 95, dying in the 1980s. According to the text, Hitler used the fake name and had a local girlfriend. The author says that the locals referred to him as the “Old German” and that his girlfriend, Cutinga, was used to mask the fact that he was an Aryan Supremacist.

Photo taken during Adolf Hitler's last public appearance, on April 25th, 1945. Photo via Wikipedia
This photo was taken during Adolf Hitler’s last public appearance, on April 25th, 1945. Photo via Wikipedia

Hitler went to Brazil looking for treasure, according to the book. He was given a handwritten treasure map from his friends at the Vatican.

The author bases all of these claims off a grainy photo showing a man (presumed to be Hitler) and a woman (presumed to be his Brazilian girlfriend). It was taken in 1982, two years before the claimed year Hitler would have died (if this conspiracy were correct).

While the photo is grainy, the author stated they truly believed it was Hitler after they photoshopped a mustache onto his face.

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