We haven’t seen these before! 45 mind blowing images of D-Day!

Jack Knight

In 1944 the Allies began to plan an invasion of France, then occupied by Nazi Germany. Germany was losing on the Italian and the Russian Front, and it was decided that the time was right for an invasion from the west. At the Trident Conference in Washington, it was decided that the U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower would be Supreme Allied Commander, and the British General Bernard Montgomery would command all the land forces.

They would land at Normandy in northern France and the codename for the invasion would be Operation Overlord. United States forces would land at two beaches, named Utah and Omaha. The British would land at Sword and Gold Beaches. The Canadians would land at Juno Beach.

There were so many troops involved in Operation Overlord that two artificial ports, called Mulberry Ports, had to be built. Also, special tanks that could deal with beaches and obstacles had to be developed and built. They were nicknamed Hobart’s Funnies, named after their commander, Major General Percy Hobart.

Before the invasion, the Allies tricked the Germans into thinking they would not invade when and where they did. As a result, the resistance to the Allied invasion was not as fierce as it might have been.

On 6th June 1944, the invasion began. Nearly 160,000 troops crossed the English Channel in 5000 transport ships, supported by 1,200 aircraft. After three weeks of hard fighting, the Allies took the city and port of Cherbourg on 26 June and Caen on 21 July. The Germans counter-attacked at Mortain but failed, and 50,000 German troops were captured at the Battle of Falaise. After the first landings in Normandy, more than 3,000,000 troops arrived in France in mere weeks.

On 15 August the Allies invaded southern France in a campaign named Operation Dragoon. On 25 August Paris fell, and the weakened German forces retreated across the River Seine on August 30.


Normandy LST June 1944 Trucks and Jeeps Omaha_Beach_Wrecks_D-Day_1944_Normandy

Omaha Beach Wrecks D-Day 1944 Normandy Paratroopers_To_France_D-Day_Normandy_1944

US Paratroopers To France D-Day Normandy 1944 Photo_Fireman_Put_Out_Fire_in_Carentan_Normandy_France_1944

Photo Fireman Put Out Fire in Carentan Normandy France 1944 US_Soldiers_Celebrate_with_French_Civilians_St_Lo_Normandy_1944

US Soldiers Celebrate with French Civilians St Lo Normandy 1944 Normandy_invasion_D-Day_US_LST_and_Soldiers


LST Ship Unloading Trucks D-Day Beach Normandy 1944 LST_532_Unloads_Jeep_On_Omaha_Beach_D-Day_Normandy_1944

US LST 532 Unloads Jeep On Omaha Beach D-Day Normandy 1944 LCT_199_Landed_197th_Aa_Omaha_Beach_D-Day_Normandy_1944

LCT 199 Landed 197th AA Omaha Beach D-Day Normandy 1944 Hospital_Ship_65_After_D-Day_Normandy_June_1944

Hospital Ship 65 After D-Day Normandy June 1944 hedgerow_cutter_for_Allied_tank_Normandy_1944

Cullins hedgerow cutter for Allied tank Normandy 1944 Gliders_Near_Cherbourg_France_D-Day_Normandy_6_June_1944

Gliders Near Cherbourg France D-Day Normandy 6 June 1944 German_Prisoners_Pow_Omaha_Beach_D-Day_1944_Normandy

German Prisoners Pow Omaha Beach D-Day 1944 Normandy


German Bunker Normandy June 6 1944 D-Day Freshly_Captured_German_POWs_Normandy_August_1944

Freshly Captured German POWs Normandy  French_Refugees_Return_after_Liberation_Normandy_1944

French Refugees Return after Liberation Normandy 1944 French_Refugees_Digging_Through_Rubble_Isigny-sur-Mer_Normandy_June_1944


DUKW Duck On Omaha Beach D-Day Normandy June 1944 DUKW_Amphibious_on_Slapton_Sands_England_Pre-D-Day_Training_1944

DUKW Amphibious on Slapton Sands England Pre D Day Training 1944 Destruction_on_D-Day_Beach_France_Normandy_1944

Destruction on D-Day Beach France Normandy 1944 D-Day_Omaha_Beach_Ships_And_Equipment_June_1944_Normandy

D-Day Omaha Beach Ships And Equipment June 1944 Normandy


Omaha Beach June 6 Normandy 1944 D-Day_Beach_With_Obstacles_And_Debris_Normandy_June_1944

D-Day Beach With Obstacles And Debris Normandy 1944 Carentan_Normandy_21_June_1944

Carentan Normandy 21 June 1944 Bulldozer_Pulling_DUKW_Duck_D-Day_Beach_Normandy_1944


Bombed Building Factory Nr Vierville Normandy June 1944 American_Liberty_Ships_Scuttled_off_D-Days_Omaha_Beach

Ships Scuttled off D-Day’s Omaha Beach Aerial_View_Of_German_Beach_Defenses_In_Normandy_Summer_1944

Aerial View Of German Beach Defenses In Normandy Summer 1944 298th_Engineers_Clear_Rubble_In_Valognes_France_Normandy_1944298th Engineers Clear Rubble In Valognes France Normandy 1944


US Infantrymen Advance thru German Minefield in Normandy 1944 US_Army_Soldier_in_German_Mine_Field_in_Normandy_France_1944

US Army Soldier in German Mine Field in Normandy France 1944 US_Army_4th_Infantry_Division_Troops_on_Utah_Red_Beach_D-Day_Normandy_1944

US Army 4th Infantry Division Troops on Utah Red Beach D-Day Normandy 1944 RAF_Gliders_and_Tow_Planes_Head_for_Normandy_Coast_on_D-Day

RAF Gliders and Tow Planes Head for Normandy Coast on D-Day Normandy_1944_LCM_Vehicles_Beached_Sword_Beach

Normandy 1944 LCM Vehicles Beached Sword Beach Invasion_Fleet_For_D-Day_Normandy_1944_Operation_Overlord

Invasion Fleet For D-Day Normandy 1944 Operation Overlord German_Prisoners_Unload_Wounded_Comrade_on_Normandy_Beachhead_1944

German Prisoners Unload Wounded Comrade on Normandy Beachhead 1944 German_prisoners_of_war_1944_France

German prisoners of war 1944 France Fleet_Massed_off_Isle_of_Wight_for_D-Day_Invasion_of_France_1944

Fleet Massed off Isle of Wight for D-Day Invasion of France 1944 Canadian_Soldier_Resting_in_Foxhole_in_Normandy_France_1944

Canadian Soldier Resting in Foxhole in Normandy France 1944 Bombed_Ruins_of_Railway_Station_in_Caen_France_Normandy_1944

Bombed Ruins of Railway Station in Caen France Normandy 1944 1055th_Engineers_Clear_Rubble_in_Isigny_France_with_Gas_Shovel_Trucks_Dozer

1055th Engineers Clear Rubble in Isigny France 35th_Infantry_Division_Troops_And_Wrecked_Flakpanzer_38t_In_Tessy_Sur_Vire_France

35th Infantry Division Troops And Wrecked Flakpanzer 38(t) In Tessy Sur Vire France

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