WWI U-Boat in Lake Michigan


It is no secret that one of the major attractions at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is a World War II German submarine. What you may not know is that Chicago also has a World War I German submarine but it happens to be resting in a place where very few people can see it. We are turning the clock back to 1919 which was an incredible year in Chicago’s history.

There were race riots that took lives and others died when a hydrogen blimp crashed in the loop. There was a transit strike, political scandal, the Black Sox lost the series and the City of Chicago became host to a German submarine that has disappeared, but never left. It was something of a trophy from the Great War. The German mine-laying sub U-C 97 was brought to the states in the summer of 1919. It toured some of the Great Lakes making stops in Racine, Milwaukee and its final destination Chicago. Along the way people could see, board, touch, perhaps curse this modern machine of war.

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