World War II submarine veterans make plea: Remember us

George Jones isn’t just the name of a country singer, it’s also the name of one of the World War II submarine veterans who fears he and his friends will all be forgotten now that their national organization has disbanded Fox News reported on Sunday.

According to Jones, 92, he has friends listed on the WWII Wall of Honor, and he was almost listed there as well.

That’s partly why he wants to see his friends’ memories preserved for younger generations, especially now that the national group disbanded this year.

And wanting to be remembered for past service to America during a time of war is all some of these elderly veterans have left at their age. Right?

If the local submarine groups follow in the national group’s footsteps then the elderly war veteran would have cause to be concerned, as it was the national group’s push that saw the memorial become what it is today.

And for them to be forgotten would be so wrong. These past American servicemen deserve to be remembered.

The Thames River Chapter of the WWII submariners was one of the groups that chose to continue on, but they did so under their new name: the “Eastern USA Chapter U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII,” according to J. “Deen” Brown.

Brown said that “We simply have to face the fact that we’re all getting older and, as we do so, eventually we simply cannot remain a viable national organization.”

Why does age have to stop their group? Where are the younger submariners when they’re needed? And why don’t some of them help these old-timers with record-keeping and paperwork duties so they can remain a national group?

They could even help provide transportation to national meetings if they would. Don’t they feel a sense of loyalty to those who served before them, and to the elderly of the country?

As of the last national U.S. Submariner Veterans of WWII convention there were 1,100 members according to Fox News. The youngest was 82 years old. And, shockingly, there was a 102-year-old veteran still active as a member for the dwindling group.


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