Underground Germany: Berlin Bunkers

Joris Nieuwint

No, it’s not the new punk scene – it’s the vast underground network of Germany where Hitler’s ghost roams still.

In the Berlin underground train station, Gesundbrunnen, there is a green door which thousands of people pass everyday, completely ignorant to the treasures that lie on the other side.

The lights are out, but with special luminous paint, now over sixty years old, still glowing in the faint darkness, marking the exits, a sign can be made out: Room 14 – 38 persons. In other rooms, there are old toilets, triple-bunk beds, exposed pipes, old egg-shaped lights with steel frames, and even a Wehenzimmer (labour room) for pregnant women. The images of people shuffling in with battered suitcases, pots for helmets and a small stool to sit on are clear. And the earth thumps and groans with the rhythm of the bombs.

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