The final flight of the Doolittle Raiders: Three of four surviving WWII crew members meet for last reunion to commemorate daring Tokyo mission


The three of the four surviving crew members from the history-making World War II Doolittle Raid, all of them in their 90s, have traveled to a Florida Air Force base for a final public reunion. Retired Lt. Col. Richard Cole, 97, David Thatcher, 91, and Retired Lt. Col. Edward Saylor, 93, are at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle for a final public reunion of the Doolittle Raiders.

They decided to meet at Eglin because it is where they trained for their top-secret mission in the winter of 1942, just weeks after the Japanese devastated the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.The fourth surviving raider, 93-year-old Robert Hite, could not make the event.

Source; Daily Mail

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