For Sale: WWI/WWII Model of 1917 Eddystone Rifle 30.06 M1917 Enfield


2205434_01_wwi_wwii_model_of_1917_eddysto_640This is an original issue WWI US Government Model of 1917 Eddystone. The U.S. Army Ordnance Department accepted the modified Enfield rifle for the use of American troops on May 11, 1917. .303 Pattern 1914 Mk I rifle production at Eddystone, Pennsylvania effectively ceased in mid-1917, as the plant re-tooled to begin making the U. S. Military Rifles, .30 caliber, Model 1917.

At this time the Remington Arms Company of Delaware employed 10,500 workers at Eddystone, but many were still working on completing the final batches of .303 Pattern 1914 Mk I rifles. Employment decreased to 3,917 on July 15, 1917, but gradually increased to a maximum of 15,409 men and women on September 27, 1918, all working on the U.S. Model 1917 rifles . Eddystone was awarded a contract for 450,000 rifles; and later another contract for 250,000 for the US Army in WWI. Production of U.S. Model 1917 rifles at Eddystone began on September 17, 1917, and this facility delivered its first order of 450,000 rifles long before the promised date of June 30, 1918. The second order for 250,000 rifles were also completed by that same date. The Eddystone Model of 1917 went on to see action through WWII by some troops.

This rifle is one of the rare survivors of the 700,000 Eddystone rifles produced before the US entry into WWI. The stock is fairly rough and could use some work but this rifle is a great shooter! The bore is excellent with no rust, strong rifling, and grooves. It will make a great 30.06 shooting rifle. Even the barrel is an original WWI barrel. All WWI inspector marks are still on the receiver and the stock. The rear hand guard does have a WWI repaired crack that is strong. Grab this piece of history while you can.

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