Retracing the steps of the Hertfordshire Regiment in the Great War

Joris Nieuwint
SHARES reports:

It is hard to picture the scene of indescribable slaughter when you look at a field of cows.

Combined with the odd tractor and the pong of a nearby mushroom farm, St Julien appears an unremarkable village in the Belgian countryside.

But it was here, at one of the great clashes of the First World War, Hertfordshire blood was spilled.

The engagement was part of the third Battle of Ypres – better known as Passchendaele.

About 300,000 allied soldiers died during the three-month push, about 35 men for each meter gained.

At the Battle of St Julien on Tuesday July 31, 1917, every officer in the 1/1 Hertfordshire Regiment was either killed or wounded.

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