Remains of British Soldier found on “The Island” near Arnhem

Joris Nieuwint

In a pasture north of Bemmel (Netherlands) on a stretch of land called “The Island”, the remains of a British soldier from World War II were salvaged. The field grave was discovered accidentally during the construction of a ditch, the defense ministry announced Thursday.

The soldier was probably killed in the aftermath of Operation Market Garden, the Salvage and Identification Department of the Army (BIDKL) thinks. He probably belonged to the 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division. In September and October 1944 these ground forces were locked in heavy fighting with the Germans around Bemmel. The Germans staged a massive counterattack on the Allied bridgehead north of Nijmegen.

The British authorities were informed of the discovery. The remains are examined in the laboratory BIDKL in Soesterberg. Here the identity of the soldier tried will be tried to determined.
Last month, on Ginkel Heath near Arnhem the remains of another British soldier were found. He too was killed during Operation Market Garden.

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