Hitler’s Third Reich ‘wonder weapons’ finally put to the test… including a giant tank that no road could support

Joris Nieuwint

Adolf Hitler promised the German people that ‘wonder weapons’ being devised by his scientists would win World War Two.

The Nazi leader’s boast was finally put to the test seven decades later in the US last night.

An array of fantasy projects – from a tank weighing 1,000 tons that no road could support to a long-distance rocket that could have pounded London or New York into brick dust – were debated on the ABC TV show Nazi Secret Weapons.

It became a common belief among the Third Reich elite towards the end of the war that the Fuhrer was putting his faith in hi-tech weaponry to repel the enemy at the gates.

The programme looked at whether any of these projects could in fact have swung the war in the Nazis’ favour.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1262882/Hitlers-Nazi-wonder-weapons-finally-test.html#ixzz2GcQVdpPa

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