FOR SALE: Perfectly Restored 1943 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer


There are only about 7 known M18 Hellcats in the United States and only 2,500 were ever built. For any serious collector the M18 is the absolute pinnacle of  WWII Armor. The Hellcat can travel up to 55mph and could take out all but the heaviest of German Tanks with it’s 76mm Main Gun.

Hellcats are RARELY offered for public sale – don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own your own piece of history. When the economy bounces back prices are sure to rise, Shermans have sold recently for the mid $400’s – they made over 50,000 Shermans, 2500 hellcats were made.
Prices are sure to skyrocket with a good economy, heading well north of $500,000, but right now is definitely a buyers market.

The Hellcat truly is the Porsche of US Armor, it drives and handles like no other tank. I also own a M24 Chaffee, which is a fantastic tank to drive, and the hellcat put’s it to shame. We have raced the Chaffee and the Hellcat and it was no contest, the M18 is MUCH faster.

This Hellcat is hull no 1550 and was perfectly restored in 2008 at Milspec in NJ after being brought in the country from Bosnia. This tank saw action in Bosnia and has the battle scars to prove it, some of which were left during restoration.

Everything on the tank is functional including the hydraulic turret traverse and the radio-intercom system. The paint has some blemishes from being used in parades over the last few years, but that’s about it. The engine runs perfectly, absolutely no issues with the Continental R-975 C1 motor.

Why am I selling this beautiful vehicle? I  want to free up the capital to act on other projects, I have enjoyed owning and driving this vehicle but am ready to move on. If I hit the lottery it will no longer be for sale 😉

On March 18 2012 this tank was in the South Boston St Patrick’s day parade and was running for over 5 hours without a hiccup. The oil pressure remained perfect throughout the engine temp never went above 150 on a 75 degree day.

We have fabricated sprockets for this tank to run on Chaffee Rubber (which it’s on now) but the tank also comes with the original steel sprockets and track. I have several extra sets of Chaffee track available if you wanted to add a spare.

A full set of canvas comes with the tank including the mantlet cover, turret cover, engine covers, and barrel cover.

The Hellcat is located in Central MA, about 40 minutes west of Boston.
Visits are encouraged for serious buyers.

Call 1-800-983-0152 or email at for more information or to schedule a visit

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