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Air travel has become a major part of our society, with industries and individuals depending on air transport for their livelihood. But have you ever wondered what happens to the artifacts of our airborne culture when they’re no longer needed? In many cases, they’re simply abandoned and forgotten.

abandoned johnston atoll runway

abandoned johnston atoll runway

(images via: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields)

Military airfields often have a rich and complicated history, and Johnston Atoll is no exception. Located near Oahu, Johnston Atoll is one of the most isolated atolls in the world. Johnston Island, the main island of the atoll, was once a military base and an emergency landing site for distressed aircraft. After changing hands several times between different branches of the military, the island was turned into a weapons disposal site in the late 1990s. Today, the island is completely out of service for aircraft and is slated to be turned into a US wildlife refuge.

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