Jim “Pee Wee” Martin 101st Airborne thoughts on Band of Brothers episode 1

James H. “Pee Wee” Martin
World War II
101st Airborne Division
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
3rd Battalion
G Company

I viewed Episode #1 (“Currahee”) of “Band of Brothers” at Doug’s last evening. We will watch one episode each week through the end of the year. Stan Clever (G/506)

and I watched BOB when it premiered in 2001. Both Stan and I were impressed with the quality and (overall) accuracy of this production. I do see “mistakes” in some of the scenes but they are relatively minor in comparison to everythi

ng the series gets right. (Believe it or not….we didn’t swear as much, or as loudly, as the actors in the series and we certainly didn’t holler as much. This is overdone.)This will be my third viewing of the entire series. There is so much to take in that this third viewing will be as enjoyable as the previous two. I was in G Company and so my experiences are not exactly the same as those of the members of E Company but they are very close in most respects. Any paratrooper who experienced Toccoa, Mackall, Benning, the crossing to England on a crowded troop ship, the kindness of the English people, the jump into Normandy the evening before D-Day, the fighting in Holland, the awfulness of Bastogne and the beauty of southern Germany and Austria at the end of the war, will have some similarity of memory.

It is still my hope to visit the places of my war experiences once again. We will see what this coming summer brings.

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