The Thompson submachine gun


The Thompson series of submachine guns (not quite a pistol yet not a full-fledged machine gun) began life in 1919 following World War 1, It was the creation of one
General John Taliaferro Thompson (December 31st, 1860 – June 21st, 1940) who started work on early forms as early as 1917.

Since then, the weapon system went on to make its mark in the Prohibition era (fighting for both gangsters and police forces alike), found tremendous combat successes in World War 2 and saw use in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, the Korean War, the 1st Indochina War, the Vietnam War, the Chinese Civil War and the Bosnian War to name a few conflicts. Some 1.7 million copies of this fine weapon have been produced with production beginning in 1921 and continuing to this day.



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