We Were Soldiers, original pictures from the battle for Ia Drang!

Joris Nieuwint


Resupply at LZ XRay

We found these amazing pictures of the battle for Ia Drang that was made famous in the movie “We Were Soldiers”.

The Images…..

The photographs offered are from the personal collection of Joe Galloway and were taken at LZ X-Ray during and after the action in the Ia Drang Valley, November 14-16, 1965. The images reflect the savagery of the combat, a feel for the emotions of the soldiers involved and a sense for the terrain in which the battle was fought. The photographs have never before been published and most have been seen only by a handful of participants in the action. These images will help put a real face on the people, places and events in the movie, “We Were Soldiers “, starring Mel Gibson. A film based on the book, “We Were Soldiers Once….and Young” by Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and Joe.

All pictures are copyright of Joseph Galloway and the great thing is, you can order signed copies on the website: weweresoldiers.net Deep pockets are required though, they don’t come cheap!


Evacuating the wounded at LZ X-Ray


Resupply and Medivac at LZ X-Ray


LTC Moore and CSM Plumely at the “termite mound”, CP


Evacuating a casualty LZ X-Ray


Providing medical care at LZ X-Ray


Medics at LZ X-Ray


Medivac at LZ XRay

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