Buried Burma Spitfires is a tall story, says RAF veteran


FORMER RAF Flying Officer Pat Woodward has vivid memories of his time in Burma after end of the Second World War.  They were endless days of boredom in an oppressive heat broken only by tremendous monsoon storms, as he waited for word that he could return to Blighty.   But one thing the veteran pilot does not recall is Spitfires being buried at RAF Mingaladon in the capital Rangoon.

That is, he says, because it simply did not happen.

Mr Woodward, 87, says: “I still have a very good memory. I really have for a man of my age. I flew in and out of there for eight months and I remember nothing of the sort.”  The retired chartered surveyor of Durham City spoke as a Lincolnshire farmer and aviation enthusiast’s search for the planes at the site ended this week in recriminations.  For 16 years Mr Cundall, 62, has been convinced that dozens of Spitfires were buried in their shipping crates, including 36 at Mingaladon – now Rangoon International Airport.


Source: The Northern Echo

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